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Glass, Wood or Ceramic Tiles
featuring the photography of
Takuo Hirata, from Kamakura, Japan

Change the look of your room as the seasons change – make your house more festive for the holidays – adjust the accent colors to match your mood (or the colors currently in vogue).

Since your tiles will be the focal spots of color, we recommend going with a fairly neutral color for the walls, floor and ceiling. Instead of choosing vibrant, bright colors, you will probably feel more comfortable with a neutral color like white, antique white, black, gray or beige. These colors won’t date the room or compete with your beautiful tiles.

Be sure to include lots of light if you go with dark colors. Windows are great during the day, but you’ll want the light at night (especially in a kitchen). Consider adding spotlights to really highlight the tiles.

If you love the outdoors, scenic scapes (mountains, sunsets, oceans), wildlife images or florals, our Nature Art Tiles by Hirata Digital will appeal to you. Mostly photographed in Japan, our stunning glass, wood or ceramic photo tiles by famed photographer Takuo Hirata will be the highlight of your room.

Below are two wrought iron tables featuring tile collages. The table on the left features hardboard wood tiles, and the table on the right features glass tiles. The wood tiles are brighter and glossier, and the glass tiles are more durable (water and fire proof).

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